Best DJs to hire for your College/University Spring Concert

Major universities across America host a spring semester concert each year for their students to unwind with great performances before they tackle their exams late into the season. Many schools in recent years have booked top tier artists from a booking agency to perform their school concert. This year Travis Scott is scheduled to perform at Penn State in late February. Many high-profile DJs have performed various schools in recent years as well and this article will discuss the top DJs to hire for your school’s concert.

DJ bookings are a great way to draw your students in for a good time to escape studying and enjoy a fun night with one of the biggest names in music. Here are some DJs to consider…


New to the spotlight is Marshmello who has been blowing up after taking some inspiration from DeadMau5 and Daft Punk in his masked identity. He has had songs with Khalid, Roddy Rich, Bastille, Migos and many other artists. He has been nominated for multiple awards. He is undoubtedly one of the most popular DJs in the world right now.

DJ Green Lantern

Green Lantern is a hip-hop DJ that has worked with many of the biggest acts in hip-hop including Jay-Z, Nas, and Eminem. As hip-hop is the most popular genre in the world currently DJ Lantern can bring the heat to any college campus.

Benny Blanco

Benny Blanco has been tearing up the pop DJ charts with his song “Eastside” featuring Halsey & Khalid. Blanco has additionally worked with artists including Juice Wrld, Calvin Harris, and Miguel. His hits and unique style would send any campus into a frenzy for a live performance. Expect Benny Blanco to perform his other hit song “Roses.”

Yolanda Be Cool

Yolanda Be Cool’s famous song “We No Speak Americano” is still a club favorite after premiering back in 2010. The duo brings awesome party sets to their live performances that is sure to make any crowd roar. Their songs “Dance and Chant” and “Le Bump” are also widely popular with their unique party vibes.

DJ Khaled  

Probably the most widely known DJ today is DJ Khaled. DJ Khaled took his celebrity presence to a whole new level through social media and has reached new levels in his career. As a household name any college campus would be thrilled to have a show from the star DJ and his countless hits grace their school auditorium. Look for DJ Khaled to perform songs such as “For Free”, “Holy Key”, “I’m The One”, and many more.

Any of the options above would be a fantastic choice for a college or university concert experience. There are obviously endless possibilities when it comes to performance though DJs are very versatile for performance and can please wider audiences. Student based talent buying can also offer differentiating tastes in choosing Any of the above acts can be booked by contacting agencies such as CAA, WME, Paradigm, or MN2S.