Behaving Like A Gentleman At A Gentlemen’s Club: Top Tips!

Visiting a gentlemen’s club or strip club can be overwhelming for a lot of men. After all, watching fully-nude strippers all around with flowing booze is an exciting idea. However, as the name suggests, a gentlemen’s club is for gentlemen, and unlike those cheap clubs, here you are expected to behave.

In this post, we are discussing everything you need to know about behaving like a gentleman.

  • Dress well. Yes, you are expected to dress nice for such places. Wear something that’s not very formal but yet appealing at the same time. Take a shower before you go and wear the perfume that women may like.
  • Take cash with you. Plastic money is not always welcome at gentlemen’s clubs, so make sure that you have enough cash for tipping. The amount you should tip depends on the place. For example, if you are going to an upscale club, you cannot expect to pay $1.
  • You may look, but dare not touch. It may seem that strippers are easy to get, but remember that they are professionals. You might get thrown out of a gentleman’s club if you try and get too close to the strippers.
  • Be polite and firm when saying a ‘no’. Strippers may come to you for a lap dance, and if you don’t want a service, say no and be firm about it. If you say ‘maybe later’, it might mean a second round of saying no, so avoid that.

  • Do not ask personal questions. Talk to strippers is not forbidden at any point in most gentlemen’s clubs, but be cautious with your words, compliments and be respectful with your moves. It is a norm to not ask personal questions, and even if you do, don’t expect straight or honest answers.
  • Do order booze. All strip clubs make the most money from food and liquor, and you are expected to order. Don’t order one drink every hour, or else, you might be asked to vacate the table.
  • Book your table in advance. If you plan to take your men gang along, booking a table is always recommended for gentlemen’s clubs. Many have private booths, tables, and you can get all kinds of services right on your table, including entertainers and strippers who would cater to your needs only.

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