5 Things to Consider While Choosing a Bar in Montreal

Bars and pubs are the first few options that come to mind when considering party options with friends. Then be it a simple Friday night fun or a bachelorette party that you’re considering, Montreal has many such cozy spaces that host such events. And despite the variety, some bars like the Mad hatter bar have a better reputation than others.

Important Things That You Should Expect From Good Bars in Montreal

Every party lover will agree with the fact that any bar is just as good as the crowd it hosts and the staff it hires. One expects enjoying a thrilling and relaxing experience with friends. And any place that entertains feisty guests should be straight out of your list. Other than this, the 5 major features that you must focus on while choosing a bar to spend your evening are listed below.

  • Look out for spaces that have an eye for ambience. A cozy space – no matter small – that keeps you intrigued with its interiors is the one that you must consider. Simple themes with wall hanging, picture frames, antique wooden furniture, top table bar stools, glass counters, and of course hygienic loos are the basic things that cannot be compromised with. Also, it is better that you visit a place that’s well guarded by bouncers to avoid brawls.
  • Beers are the soul of bars without which a bar is as deserted as a well without water. And every upscale authentic bar will serve a variety of beers. Be it the classic imported beers, the local options, or simple fruit beers, bars should have it all. Mocktails, cocktails, and hardcore shots fill in the remaining gaps.
  • To be able to deliver the real flavor of the city’s nightlife, a bar should well serve its customers with music, drinks, and snacks until 3 am at least. Besides, open rooftop space and pool games are a big plus that make some bars more popular than the others.
  • You must also keep an eye on the expenditure. A place should deliver enough to justify its cost. And the most popular bars in Montreal serve intricate services to all at affordable rates.
  • The staff should be amicable and approachable, not aloof and carefree. Underrated of all, this feature can actually make or break your evening.

On a closing note, the 5 features listed above are the preliminary things to consider while choosing a bar.